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Blue Water High
Birse, Shelley


Blue Water High
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It's tough being the youngest member of the Solar Blue surfing academy.

It's tough being friends and competitors at the same time; and combining study and training.

But for 14-year-old Fly Watson, the adventure of her life has only just begun.

Blue Water High: The Novel is based on the hugely popular children's television series Blue Water High, which won most outstanding children's program at the 2006 Logie Awards. It's the engrossing story of 12 months at the academy, seen through the eyes of Fly. Surfing is all Fly has ever wanted to do but, suddenly, there's a whole lot more that seems to be getting in the way - such as Heath, and some very buried demons that Fly is determined not to reveal.

And then there's the one big question that haunts them all: who will qualify to surf the pro-circuit and win a three-year sponsorship contract?

Author Information

Shelley Birse is a very experienced scriptwriter. As well as working on the two series of Blue Water High, her writing credits include the television adaptation of Tim Winton's Lockie Leonard, Love is a Four-Letter Word, Stingers, Murder Call and Wildside. This is her first novel.

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Pub. Date:

Children's: General Fiction

Macmillan Australia

304 page/s

Out of print

$16.99 AUD

All titles by Birse, Shelley

Blue Water High

Blue Water High
Birse, Shelley
P/B, A$16.99, OP