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We create author and book profiles for you on our own website, making it easy for your readers to find out about your book and connect with you.

We build communities through our Facebook and Twitter accounts, YouTube channels and more.

We amplify your “voice” by linking to your blog, site and social media accounts from our social platforms.

We build an audience for you by keeping them informed about your latest books and events.

We provide guidance and advice on how you can grow your online profile.

Our social media team will help create buzz online.

Your Readers Want to Hear from YOU

Share reviews, interviews, news

Listen to conversations

Get to know your audience

Participate in online communities

Find the social network(s) that’s best for you

Facebook facebook

How much time does it take?

We suggest that you post at least three or four times per week.

Your page will take some time to grow organically. Don’t expect huge increases in “likes” overnight.

Facebook Tips:

• Set up a Facebook Page that is separate from your personal page
• Update your About section with all relevant details, including your book title!
• Have a dialogue with the people who like your page - ask questions and respond to comments
• “Like” your favorite authors, publishers, series and other pages of interest
• Link back to your website and other social media accounts
• Link back to your book and author pages on our site
• Create an interesting cover image, perhaps with your book's cover to create brand recognition

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How much time does it take?

We suggest that you tweet at least three to five times a day.

It will take time for your account to grow organically. Don’t expect a huge number of “followers” overnight.

Twitter Tips:

• Update About page with Bio, and include links to other social media sites
• Customise your background and header image (from the Settings > Profile section)
• Import contacts from your email account
• Follow your favourite authors, likeminded readers, reviewers, bookshops and bloggers
• Use or to shorten your URLs for tracking
• Use hashtags to reach more people who are conversing on topics (i.e. #mystery, #books, etc.)
• Schedule tweets with
• Link back to your book and author pages on our site
• Retweet relevant tweets

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How much time does it take?

It’s a good idea to check in about once per week to respond to comments, friend requests or to add favourites.

YouTube Tips:

• Post videos of interviews, readings, book trailers and more
• Create channel art and add a description
• Invite your fans to contribute relevant videos to your channel
• Comment on other people’s videos, subscribe to other channels, make “friends”
• Link to your YouTube channel from your website or social media accounts
• Link back to your book and author pages on our site
• Add video description that includes title of book, author, subject, genre etc.
• Add 5-10 tags to each video including title, author, subject, genre etc.
• Monitor comments and respond when appropriate

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How much time does it take?

Sign up for the Author Program.

We recommend that you visit and participate at least three to four times per week.

GoodReads Tips:

• Add bio, pictures, video and other social media accounts to profile
• Connect with others by adding them as “friends”
• Rate and review books you’ve read
• Create “shelves”
• Create and join groups with similar interests
• Hold Q&A sessions with your “friends”
• Post upcoming events such as book readings and signings
• Share book excerpts or other writings

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Amazon Author Central

How much time does it take?

Set-up can take a couple of hours, but you won't need to update it nearly as often as social media after that.

The benefits of 'owning' your page are that you select your own books; you have control of your information; you can track your sales; and it improves Amazon searchability.


• Sign up to Amazon if you haven't already (just your regular Amazon signon), then visit the Author Central site and sign up for that too
• Add a photo and biography
• Add your blog feed and Twitter feed
• View and edit your list of books
• Add upcoming events
• Upload any videos (such as book trailers)

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How much time does it take?

Try and post a couple of times a day, and respond to comments and like others' images at the same time.


• Download the Instagram app (App Store / Android) - you can't post from your PC
• This is a great way to showcase beautiful imagery from or about your book, but also, your life
• Instagram is generally catering to a younger demographic
• Follow other people in the publishing world, including authors, publishers, media, or for non-fiction, people in your industry
• Like and comment on images that interest you
• Use hashtags that categorise your photos with keywords (e.g. #crime #cooking)
• Link your account with your other social media accounts like Facebook

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How much time does it take?

We recommend that you post to your boards 3-4 times a week. This includes original pins and repinning from other boards.

Pinterest Tips:

• Add photo, and links to other social media sites to profile
• Follow people you know and boards that you are interested in
• Create pins that link back to your website or the book's page on our site
• Create boards that include pins of relevant content or characters in book
• Include keywords and phrases in descriptions that make pins findable
• Repin relevant pins to your boards

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How much time does it take?

We recommend that you post 2-3 times a week. This includes original posts and other people's posts that you share.

Google+ Tips:

• Include author photos, videos, bio and links to other social media accounts in about page.
• Add friends, family, and relevant authors and brands to your circles
• “Plus” pages of articles that are relevant to you and your books
• “Share” other people's posts with people in your circles

Learn more: hl=en&ref_topic=1698291

blogs and newsletters

How much time does it take?

Setting up a blog is a significantly bigger time investment than creating accounts on social media networks.

Consider having a professional designer create the site for you.

Aim to write new blog posts at least once a week. A blog that hasn’t been updated will quickly lose its audience.

We recommend WordPress as a good starting point for a blog.

Blogging Tips

• Cross-link your blog and your social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, GoodReads, etc.
• Make it easy for people to connect with you on social media sites by adding social buttons to each piece of content
• Post events such as book readings and signings or a new book coming out
• Link back to your book and author pages on our site

Newsletter Tips:

MailChimp is easy to use and has some great templates
• Newsletters are another great tool for reaching your audience
• Make sure the newsletter can be easily forwarded (links don’t break, graphics show up)
• Encourage recipients to forward your newsletter to their friends
• Every newsletter should have sign up instructions within its body and links to your blog or website and social media accounts

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