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Cupid Painted Blind
Calder, Charlotte


Cupid Painted Blind
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"The course of true love never did run smoothly."

If people have been stuffing up love since Shakespeare's time, what hope does Seph-or sefi_15 when she's online-have with Tom? Look at her parents: they barely speak to each other since Nick moved out, and could her mum really have a 'thing' for their balding (not to mention married) neighbour? Even Seph's best friend Pia-boy magnet-is having problems. The forces of love, like the unbearably hot summer, seem to be beyond anyone's control...

And now a mysterious grEMLin has invaded Seph's chat room and is about to make her life a whole lot more difficult..

Author Information

Charlotte Calder was born in Adelaide and grew up in the Adelaide Hills and Darwin. She has worked as, among other things, an actor and a photographer and has written occasional columns for the Sydney Morning Herald and the Australian. Her first novel, Settling Storms, was published in 2000.

Charlotte lives with her husband and three children, aged seventeen, sixteen and ten, in the central west of New South Wales. She loves white cockatoos, emails, cats, dogs, horses, trips to Sydney, and most other things that distract her from getting on with her next novel.

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Children's: General Fiction

Pan Australia


Awaiting reissue

$14.95 AUD

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Cupid Painted Blind

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