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Danny Allen Was Here
Cummings, Phil


Danny Allen Was Here
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He looked in all directions at everything he could see. The moonlight on the roof and the white chimney; the silhouette of the rooftops across the road; Mark Thompson's rooftop. Even the white gravel road was glowing. It didn't look hard and full of stones. It looked like a fluffy blanket. Danny didn't want to get off the bridge. He lay down on his back as if it were a hammock. He kept a firm grip on the rope and stared up at the stars.

This was a magical world.

This was Danny Allen's place.

Danny Allen lives in Mundowie with his family and his dog, Tippy. For such a small town, there's always lots of things to do: tobogganing on the sand dunes near the haunted house; building tree houses in the back yard; and trying to kick a football over the roof of the Mundowie Institute Hall.

If only the man from the bank would stop bothering his parents, life would be perfect.

Author Information

Phil Cummings was born in the seaside town of Pt. Broughton on South Australia's York Peninsula. Phil has written over thirty books for children and now writes full time. He lives in the Adelaide foothills with his wife, two children, a dog, two chickens, a budgie, eight goldfish and several possums!

David Cox is the award-winning author and illustrator of many picture books, including the CBC honour book Rattler's Place by Patricia Wrightson. He has won awards for illustration in Australia and the USA. He now works as a full-time illustrator and writer and lives in Brisbane.

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Pub. Date:

Children's: General Fiction

Pan Australia

216 page/s

Out of print

$14.95 AUD

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