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What Does Blue Feel Like?
Davidson, Jessica


What Does Blue Feel Like?
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Char is seventeen. She's in her last year of school. She's in a mess.

She can't sleep, she can't eat. She feels... nothing.

As Char deals with her parents, her boyfriend Jim, her friends, parties, school work and end-of-year exams, we feel just what it's like to be seventeen and so unsure that the future is anything more than just a concept of time.

A compelling verse novel from an exciting new voice in children's fiction. Confronting, realistic, funny and chilling, the kaleidoscopic emotions of a teenager on the edge are poignantly conveyed in powerful verses that weave in and out of Char's view of the world, and the views of those around her who watch, disturbed, helpless, as Char slowly loses herself.

Author Information

Twenty-one-year-old university student Jessica Davidson started writing when she was fifteen and tore her knee cartilage. Jessica's father claims he's the inspiration for her writing as he used to make up wonderful stories when Jessica and her sister were little. Jessica's sister claims she's the inspiration because she and Jessica used to write and illustrate books called The Boogy Woogy Sheep. What Does Blue Feel Like? is Jessica's first novel.

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Children's: General Fiction

Pan Australia

288 page/s

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$16.95 AUD

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